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POSITION: Intern - Unpaid


  To assist the Director with the following tasks:
     - Setup / Teardown
     - Sound Production
     - Event Announcer
     - Video / Image Capture
     - Marketing
          o Press Releases
          o Website Updates
          o Social Media
     - Booking
     - Ticketing
     - New Band Search
     - Recording Studio Planning
     - Community Center Improvement Planning
     - Stage Design Improvements
     - Lesson Scheduling
     - Administrative Duties

  Applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs and work in a variety of

  environments indoors and out, as some events require long  

  hours of setup / teardown time. Intern is required to attend all

  events and assist with administrative tasks as well as fill in for

  sound production and booking duties, unless previously

  excused. It is preferred that the intern be enrolled or actively

  seeking a degree in music production or similar. Intern must

  have available transportation to and from event locations and

  our facility.


  Intern must perform duties at a minimum of:
     - 5 Outdoor Concerts
     - 5 Indoor Concerts
     - 5 Jam Nights
     - 5 Vinyl Nights

If you wanna be COOL and have FUN, send us an email:

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